Day 2: Women of Power Summit Kicks Off with Morning Fitness

Day 2: Women of Power Summit Kicks Off with Rise and Shine Morning Activities

Day 2 of the Black Enterprise Women of Power Summit, hosted by State Farm, began at 6 a.m. with Rise & Shine Morning activities. Taking advantage of the beautiful beach front landscape of Fort Lauderdale’s Marriott Harbor Beach Resort & Spa, attendees met in the front lobby before sunrise to gather and head toward the ocean for “Yoga on the Beach.” The State Farm hosted health session featured a low-impact yoga practice full of stretching exercises to help sustain healthy body function and promote emotional calm through  postures and poses to regulate breathing. As ladies sat along the sand, legs in Indian style, hands in prayer, the instructor reminded them, “The most important thing you need to do each day is feel good in the morning.”

While outside was quiet and meditative, inside the Marriott’s fitness center was New York’s leading trainer, Jodi Brockington. Heading up a high powered, energetic, packed class of Power cardio sculpt hosted by PepsiCo, the class blended cardio and strength training to upbeat blends of R&B, house, and hip hop music. Brockington led 50 ladies in a series of kicks, pumps and jumps, using water bottles as weights and affirmations for focus. “Who run the world?” she said on a microphone attached to her shirt. “Girls!” The class replied sweating and smiling, groaning and pushing. “I feel good, but worn out,” said one attendee grinning. While another added, “That was an amazing workout!”

After ending the one hour class with a bow, Brockington was surrounded by a circle of women peppering her with questions on where in New York they can find her classes. Others eagerly inquired about how they can sign up on her website to get the newsletter with health tips and nutritional information. “If you have two feet and eyes you need to be using them. And if you’re not, shame on you,” said Brockington, an author and career coach who became a health and fitness trainer after a gall bladder infection that required surgery. “Do it with someone else. You find so much more pay off participating in group fitness.”

For those unable to attend today’s Rise and Shine Morning activities, the same power line up is available Wednesday morning as well.