Top 10 Creative Jobs for Every Personality

Top 10 Creative Jobs for Every Personality

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You may think you work in an industry that doesn’t allow for creativity. But in today’s diverse market, where leaders have to consistently innovate, show and prove, it’s always good to think outside the box. You can stay in your lane but get a little creative with your driving.

Brazen Careerist details creative jobs for every personality, whether you’re a self-starter or people person:

1. For the Constant Connector: Marketer

Steve Jobs once said, “Creativity is just connecting things.”

As a marketer, you connect people with products, organizations and brands. You make your money dreaming up unconventional ideas to sell a service, producing catchy campaigns and figuring out hard-hitting ways to get your message across.

Salary range: $81,000 — $151,000

2. For the Tech Whiz: Video Game Designer

As a planet, we spend around 3 billion hours a week playing video games. And video game designers invent the worlds in which we play from top to bottom. In this gig, your imaginative thinking and artistic talents help you develop original concepts, layouts and rules of the game.

Salary range: Varies

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