Cool Jobs: HGTV Realtor Talks Taking Her Business International

Cool Jobs: HGTV Realtor Talks Taking Her Business International

Image: Christian Ross
Image: Christian Ross

Known as “The Maven” of her team of real estate leaders in the Atlanta area, Christian Ross is proof that the housing market is a great way for millennials to build a lasting career and wealth.

At 33-years-old, Ross is VP/Managing Broker of a real estate firm that’s part of Atlanta Ventures. She has expanded her business beyond the Georgia area to serve clients both nationally and internationally, with real estate relations in places like St. Lucia and Turkey to name a few. With nine years of industry experience under her belt, this Maryland native and her team of three other realtors have sold $10 million worth of real estate in 2013 and have set a personal goal to exceed that mark in 2014.

Serving as a recognizable face on HGTV’s House Hunters, spoke with the Atlanta-based realtor about her start in the business, the biggest misconception millennials have about real estate and how her national television appearance came to fruition. How did you get your start in real estate?

Christian Ross: It was actually through a developer. I had a friend who thought I might be good at real estate and she said “Hey, why don’t you give this person a call,” and she linked us together. So it was really just an introduction from a friend who was thinking it might be a good fit.

How have you been able to build your name to be a trusted source in real estate not only in the Atlanta area, but also abroad?

It’s really been just taking care of my past clients and letting them know I’m a resource for them. It’s been that kind of organic marketing, social media and referrals from my clients abroad who refer me to their bases. I create those relationships whether it’s flying over to where they are or even using Youtube. My clients love that fact that I will make videos for them explaining what they need to do and what things will look like.

What do you think is the biggest misconception millennials have about purchasing a home?

I think the biggest misconception is just the idea that they can’t do it so they don’t even try to talk to a lender, which is truly the first step.

How important do you think it is for the African American community to know the importance of homeownership because there are a lot of myths that steer some of us from making that commitment?

It’s very important because when you look at so many successful people and when you’re looking to model success you see that real estate is always in the equation. Whether it’s residential property or commercial property, it’s truly a stepping stone to wealth. I have a 26-year-old client right now who brought during the down turn. We just sold her place and she walked away with $75,000 in her pocket at 26-years-old. I think that is an example of seeing an opportunity and being able to walk away and put that into different projects. Now she’s able to pursue her passion which is acting. She’s going to acting school and financially she just doesn’t have to worry because she has a little extra cushion.