Behind the Lens with Celebrity Photographer Drexina Nelson

Behind the Lens with Celebrity Photographer Drexina Nelson

(Image: Nelson)

In the heart of Atlanta, where a slice of pecan pie is almost as sweet as Grandma’s kisses and Sunday church hats give more shade than a Real Housewives marathon, is Drexina Nelson Studios. It is there that the talented celebrity, fashion and beauty photographer Drexina Nelson works her magic, bringing out the allure in all her subjects. Photography for Nelson is more than snapping pictures: She finds purpose in capturing beauty and sharing it for the rest of the world to take in. “As a photographer, I truly believe if you look deep inside someone, you can bring out things the client didn’t know existed. And you can help them, and the world, see the beauty that breathes so softly in each of us,” she pens on her site.

Prior to building a successful business, which also includes Drexina Nelson Hair Salon, Nelson worked as a makeup artist for the city’s best photographers. It wasn’t until she received her B.A. and M.B.A. from Clark Atlanta University that she shifted gears and pursued a career in photography. We caught up with the savvy businesswoman, and while we couldn’t get our hands on any southern biscuits and gravy, we did manage to bring you back this fabulous chat.

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