Consumer Tip: Teaching Your Children about Philanthropy

Consumer Tip: Teaching Your Children about Philanthropy

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The holidays are an excellent time to teach your children about giving to those in need. This time of year tends to be overly focused on one’s own needs and wants, but it’s important to take a step outside of yourself and open your eyes to those who could use a helping hand.

Here are some tips for showing your kids how to give back.

  1. Give your time. Philanthropy is not just about money. You can be a philanthropist by volunteering your time. Gather the family and spend the day volunteering at a local soup kitchen or helping a neighbor hang Christmas lights. It’s as simple as making  yourself available.
  2. Participate in philanthropy programs. There are plenty of organizations focused on educating youngsters about giving back. One good place to start is
  3. Volunteer as a family. Lead by example. You may tell your children the right thing to do, but they will always remember your actions. Find a project that you can all join as a group.

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