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Come Find Your Tribe at Women of Power

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Attendees at the 2019 Women of Power Summit

One would think that making friends and connecting with others would become easier as you grow and mature personally and professionally. Nevertheless, that part of life remains a constant challenge for many professionals as they matriculate through their careers and journeys.

As people enter (and exit) relationships, start families, move to new cities and or countries for new opportunities, or whatever other life events occur–it becomes difficult to make friends.

All of those factors play a role in how people connect and communicate with others in intimate settings and at large events–and ultimately impacts how people show up in life.

Next week, over 1,500 women from different backgrounds will travel to Las Vegas to grow and glow up at the Women of Power Summit hosted by ADP. While many women will be coming with their colleagues and friends, there are a number of women who will be journeying by themselves.

Regardless of how you show up to the summit, know that you won’t leave the same way you came.

With that being said, this article is for every woman (and man) looking for helpful tips on how to build their tribe at the summit or at any event.

Women of Power is the perfect place to connect with other movers and shakers. And as you prepare for the time of your life BLACK ENTERPRISE wants to help you find your tribe so that you can level up!

Here’s how you can get ready.

Find Your Tribe

  • Find an icebreaker. Reading the room and paying attention to detail can help you spot things that can be used to break the ice. Little things like a compliment or a similar coffee order can be a great conversation starter.
  • Step out of your comfort zone. Stepping out of your comfort zone doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to go out of your way to do anything. Here’s an idea: When traveling to the Summit, try taking a shared ride service to the Mirage. You just might meet another attendee in the car who you can befriend or be your networking buddies.
  • Exude warmth and positive vibrations. While many people don’t like being told to smile, being mindful of your body language and energy can help you attract the right people.
  • Connect with attendees ahead of time. The Women of Power community within BE Events App is a great place to skim the profiles of women and direct message those who you are interested in connecting with. You can also keep up with the latest information about the event. The app is available for Apple and Android.

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Things to Keep In Mind

  • Set your intentions for the summit. There are countless opportunities at the summit besides meeting incredible women. Before you arrive in Vegas, think about the ways you want to show up, what you want to receive, and what you have to offer others.
  • Keep in mind that friendships are relationships, too.  As you enter new friendships, it is key to be honest with yourself about where you are in life and your capacity to build plutonic relationships.
  • Shy away from being transactional. Everything is not about you and what you can get. There is a difference between networking and making friends. If what you are seeking is an opportunity, network. If you are looking to foster authentic relationships and grow your tribe, find authentic ways to connect with others.
  • Actively listen. When conversing with others, it is easy to find commonalities and shared interests when you actively listen. Listening intently will help you to ask more thoughtful questions as you get to know a fellow attendee.


BE is looking forward to celebrating the excellence of black women at the 15th annual Women of Power Summit and welcomes you with open arms. If you haven’t secured your seat at the table yet, click here to get your ticket!