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Change Is Good

I’m a 28-year-old college graduate currently at a standstill. I was a printing consultant for several years but now I’m pursuing media planning. With no experience, I am in an entry-level position. My colleagues are much younger than me and that makes me question my decision. How can I be sure I’ve made the right career change?
–Anonymous, New York

Determining whether or not you’ve made a wise choice is something you must do for yourself. But second-guessing the decision is not helping the situation.

Does it matter if your co-workers are younger than you? Use your maturity to your advantage by reaching out to a more senior-level colleague for mentorship. Another way to gain some headway is by developing your skills in the field. Take executive training courses in media planning, advertising, and other areas in the marketing industry. Also, join trade and professional organizations such as the American Marketing Association (AMA) ( The AMA provides its members with a plethora of information, services, and resources for getting ahead in their careers.

Or, rather than trying to figure out if you’ve made the right choice, assess whether or not you know what you want for yourself professionally. Read “Rules of Reinvention” (January 2007) and Success Is Not an Accident: Change Your Choices, Change Your Life by Tommy Newberry (Tyndale House Publishers; $13.99)