Calif. Woman Mistakenly Sells Nearly $18,000 Diamond Earrings For $20

Calif. Woman Mistakenly Sells $18,000 Diamond Earrings For $20

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be newsAll one Huntington Beach, Calif. woman can do is hope and pray a Good Samaritan returns valuables she forgot she stashed in a denim jacket she sold at at yard sale.

Reports CBS Los Angeles:

A Huntington Beach mother accidentally sold her nearly $18,000 diamond earrings for $20 at a garage sale last month.

Dori Rhoades, 38, said she hid her earrings, $1,500 she was saving for a family vacation and a ring her husband gave her in the pocket of an old denim jacket in case she was ever robbed.

The morning of her May garage sale, she said she completely forgot what was inside.


“I volunteer in my kids’ classrooms multiple times a week, I work full time, I think anyone who is a mother knows,” Rhoades told CBS Los Angeles. “You give so much of yourself that sometimes your brain stops working. That morning, I sold the jean jacket without even a thought. For $20.”

“It’s my hope someone out there sees the story and knows the person who bought the jacket. I’ve just been beating myself up,” she said.

Here’s to hoping this story has a happy ending.