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Ultimate Buy Black Father’s Day 2018 Gift Guide: Unique Men’s Gifts



While gifts take money out of the family budget, it might be interesting to consider giving dad a gift that builds it. Here are several cheap and easy ways to get dad into the stock market.

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Kiva Card

The Kiva Card is a quick, easy, and meaningful gift option that gives your friends, colleagues, and family a way to support entrepreneurs around the globe. For as little as $25, Kiva Cards give those special people in your life the opportunity to change someone else’s—halfway around the world or even in their own backyard.



Greentop Gifts offers unique black-themed products like this “Clarence Claus” Black Santa wrapping paper.


Luxury Vacation 

Dream Vacations is a black-owned travel franchise that caters to and accommodates the needs of clients, recommending destinations and resorts that make guests feel welcome.