Business Travel: 5 Great Ways to Take Your Workout With You
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Business Travel: 5 Great Ways to Take Your Workout With You


WorkoutWhen it comes to today’s fast-paced and innovative society, the old adage, “I don’t have time,” is often just an excuse when it comes to working out. With so many quick options to fit in exercise, and experts touting the health benefits of spurts of just 15 minutes of deliberate physical activity a day, it’s much easier to squeeze in some fitness even while traveling. Even beyond the fact that most four- and five-star hotels have gyms, there are other ways to get active in between closing big deals.

For all busy entrepreneurs, here are five tips to take your workouts with you while on the go.

1. Download an app that tracks your physical activities and keeps you motivated and accountable. You can contribute to a cause by using an app like Charity Miles or track nutrition and steps using Fitbit. Johnson & Johnson also has a seven-minute workout app, and apps like Sworkit allow you to customize your exercises and even have options you can do without using equipment.

2. Watch and participate in a quick workout via YouTube or Periscope on your smartphone or laptop. Search for the type of exercises you’d like to do or the time you’d like to spend doing them. Check out these awesome YouTube stars here, or these Periscope motivators here.

3. Utilize everyday in-room objects at hotels like towels, water bottles, chairs and mats for a quick workout. You don’t always have to have fancy equipment or weights to work out. Fitness leaders have used towels for tension, water-filled jugs for weights and chairs for core exercises, and you can, too. Use the stairs instead of the elevator or wake up 15 minutes early to do a few leg lifts, jumping jacks and stretches by the bed. If your hotel doesn’t have a gym (or the offerings are lacking), get creative.

4. Take advantage of Groupon deals to coordinate with business travel. This is not only a great way to fit in a little fun and fitness but since you’ve already pre-planned and prepaid for it, you’d probably be more apt not to skip. The options are diverse, from speed biking and adventure runs to Pilates and Cryotherapy deals.

5. Invest in a hotel wellness program. Top hotels across the country have wellness programs where they offer tailored activities for wellness, physical fitness, and stress management during your stay. These activities can range from yoga classes to hiking to behavior therapy to celebrity chef courses.