Boss Moves: How to Reevaluate Your Value and Get What You're Worth

Boss Moves: How to Reevaluate Your Value and Get What You’re Worth

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When it comes to career advancement, knowing your worth is key. If you don’t know what you specifically offer to the company, you’ll have no clue where to start when it’s time for that promotion or raise. Brazen Careerist offers tips for how you can reevaluate the value you bring to your company and how you can move forward to getting what you deserve:

Even though your quality doesn’t matter, keep striving for it.

This is a tough pill to swallow. But does it mean we stop striving for outstanding quality in our products, relationships, governments, friendships and organizations? Absolutely not.

Striving to improve as an individual will help you provide value to your friends, family and work. Striving for unblemished products will aid in providing value for others, but only if the product itself is valuable. Crap products don’t to provide value for anyone.

There’s no denying the connection between focusing on quality and creating value for others. But the correlation between the two does not equal causation. Well-written fluff is still fluff. It doesn’t matter if you have the etiquette of a Victorian duchess if you can’t get the job done.

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