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Black Entrepreneurs: Here’s Why Your Digital Footprint is Essential To Your Success

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Image by David Bruyland from Pixabay

Black entrepreneurs: With the ability to have your brand be searchable through Google and other search engines, (and/or customers) can learn more about you and your brand. Here are some strategies to help expand your brand’s digital footprint.

Don’t Sell Your Story Locally Without Pitching National Publications

I always suggest pitching your story to major publications initially. Not only will you learn what works and what doesn’t work through pitching the editors of national media, but you will also have the opportunity to reach more readers (if your story is picked up). After securing national press, you can then pitch the local publications and have somewhat of a follow-up feature. The local newspapers will be impressed with the fact that you have been published in national newspapers and jump in on the opportunity to introduce you to their local readers.

I employed this strategy when pitching my technology company. After securing significant media features, I pitched my local business journal and secured additional media buzz. The features not only increased my brands’ exposure on multiple levels and platforms; it also established my company as a hot new startup in the city. Simply put, don’t shy away from pitching notable publications, you can always go local after expanding through a national market.

All Publicity Isn’t Good Publicity

Research the publications before pitching. If the publication has a large reader base but lacks industry credibility, you can tarnish your brand’s image. Even after a feature is posted in print, it will typically have a home digitally.


Look into being featured on podcasts seeking entrepreneur guests on their show. This is a great way to learn the art of pitching producers, hosts, and editors.

Keep in mind that your brand deserves the most notable exposure. You can use the publicity as social proof to differentiate your business from your competitors.