Black Pastor Sends Clinton Blackface Tweet In Support Of Trump

Black Pastor Sends Clinton Blackface Tweet In Support Of Trump, Stands By His Message

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Televangelist and NOW Television Network CEO Pastor Rev. Mark Burns caused a social media firestorm by tweeting a post with Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton in blackface. Burns is a prominent Trump adviser, a proponent of the “prosperity gospel,” and the man who delivered the most partisan convention prayer in modern history, according to Think Progress. Burns took down the post and went on a media circuit to apologize saying he should have used a different methodology to express his views.

On News One Now, Burns told Host and Managing Editor Roland S. Martin: “I thought the picture represented the message that the state of blacks has been used by the Democratic Party and by many cases are not operating at the same level that other ethnic groups are in this country,” said Burns. “And yet we have been voting in masses. Yes, we have progressed a lot; we have gained a lot but we are still not moving at the same speed that other ethnic groups are in this country. I believe that the voting bloc of the African American community it already belongs, at least in the mind of the Democrats; already belong to the Democratic Party. I truly apologized for the offensive blackface image of that cartoon and the depiction of the blackface is offensive by itself. As an African American man in America, I don’t stand by anyone portraying themselves in the blackface, but the message I intended, I still stand behind.”

Blacks Have It So Bad

Burns’s message for why African Americans should vote for Trump is basically the same as the one Trump has been making to largely white audiences at his rallies–if black people have it so bad (they’re poor, uneducated, unemployed and live in violence) what do they have to lose by voting for Trump and seeing what happens.

During an appearance on Fox News, Burn said “the real offense” is that many minority families in America “don’t know where their next meal is coming from.” On MSNBC, he stated: “millions of African Americans are on welfare, [millions] of African Americans are on food stamps… we are not at the promise land that Dr. King spoke about.”

Trump Rates at Zero Percent Among Black Voters

Burns’s faith in Trump appears to ignore the fact that the Republican Party has stonewalled America’s first black president over the past eight years. Since Obama took the Oval Office and Republicans gained majority control of the Senate and House of Representatives, The United States Congress has been locked in partisan warfare and political gridlock, which political pundits say makes it the least productive and most polarized legislative branch in American history.

African Americans aren’t buying what Trump is peddling. A new Public Policy Poll showed the Republican presidential nominee’s favorability rating among African American voters at zero percent.

Hillary In Blackface
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