This Black Entrepreneur Went From Section 8 Housing to Owning Multiple Homes

This Black Entrepreneur Went From Section 8 Housing to Owning Multiple Homes

Rahkim Sabree Tedx

Rahkim Sabree lives by the mantra, “Each one, teach one,” he says. “Each one, reach one. If you know, teach. If you don’t know, learn.”

Sabree has risen up from hard beginnings in Section 8 housing to become a personal finance expert, an author, a public speaker and a non-profit co-founder.  He is also out with a new book Financially Irresponsible, where he discusses his experiences for those looking to become financially empowered.

The book challenges readers to inspect their financial norms.  Everything from saving, investing, home ownership and planning for retirement.  Seen through Sabree’s point-of-view, the book discusses mindsets, beliefs, strategies and practices of personal finance.

Sabree has achieved many accomplishments in his young adulthood.  He achieved the coveted 800 FICO credit score, and purchased his first home before the age of 30.  “These were not things discussed growing up in Mount Vernon, NY”, he told Sabree also gave a TEDx talk in Harford, CT.  He had the audience’s full attention as he discussed that financial conversation should be had in every classroom, at every dinner table and every holiday to increase literacy on the subject.

Sabree also discussed how he leverages social media for both his business and philanthropic endeavors.  “Times are changing and the way people choose to perform interactions are changing as well. Banks specifically, but any business in general, are flocking to where their consumers are. I like to think of Social Media as sort of a digital playground. People aren’t satisfied with the old fashioned monkey bar/sand box/swing set combo when you have the trampoline park complete with laser tag sitting across the street. As more people engage in everyday interactions on social, businesses need to establish a presence there to continue to thrive” he told The Social Influencer.

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