Black Enterprise’s Most Anticipated Movies Of 2015
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Black Enterprise’s Most Anticipated Movies Of 2015

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Miles Ahead
Release Date: TBA

Don Cheadle’s passion project successfully raised $344,582 last year in hopes of funding, Miles Ahead. His accomplishment has become cinephiles reward, as the versatile actor plans on creating a big screen tale about jazz great Miles Davis. Made for $8.5 million, the project wrapped a monthlong shoot in Cincinnati in mid-August, which capped an eight year gestation period.

Cheadle’s Miles Ahead will center on one of the most iconic black musicians of all time during a time when he is on hiatus from performing. While certain predecessors such as Jimi Hendrix (All Is by My Side starring Andre Benjamin) and James Brown (Get On Up starring Chadwick Boseman) didn’t resonate with a wide audience, the incomparable Miles Davis looks like it will be one worth paying full admission price for.