Black Economic Alliance PAC Endorses Jamie Harrison For U.S. Senate -

Black Economic Alliance PAC Endorses Jamie Harrison For U.S. Senate

Jaime Harrison
Jaime Harrison (Image: Twitter/@harrisonjaime)

The Black Economic Alliance PAC, a nonpartisan group of business leaders, announced its endorsement for Jaime Harrison, Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate in South Carolina.

BEA Executive Director David Clunie released a statement Monday endorsing Harrison as a strong leader the group can trust to make the right choices.

“America is in dire need of strong leadership to move our country toward justice. We must use the power of the vote to elect leaders like Jamie Harrison,” Clunie said. “His commitment to growing the middle class, ending poverty and bolstering South Carolina’s education system so it can compete in a 21st century economy are critical to close the economic divide and level the playing field for black Americans.”

“Jamie’s lifelong dedication to economically empowering black communities makes him a candidate we can trust to make the right choices. Whether it’s expanding the earned income tax credit for families or unburdening students saddled with student loan debt, Jamie knows firsthand what kind of support families need because he has worked hard to uplift himself and those around him his entire career.”

Harrison served as the chair of the South Carolina Democratic Party from 2013 to 2017 and is an associate chairman of the Democratic National Committee. Harrison is currently running against Sen. Lindsey Graham and Harrison’s campaign brought in a total of $7.2 million in the first three months of 2020, while Graham brought in nearly $5.6 million.
Although Harrison’s numbers for the first quarter outpaced Graham’s, the senator has raised more since the beginning of the cycle, raising $6 million more than Harrison.
“The Black Economic Alliance PAC supports Jaime Harrison for U.S. Senate because he is committed to ending the systemic inequities that have widened the wealth gap between Black South Carolinians and their counterparts. A vote for Jaime Harrison this November means more than just casting your ballot—it’s an investment in South Carolina’s future.” Clunie added.