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Black Couple Invents a New Social Media Platform For College Students

Dwight and Angelique Morrison, founders of PS Remember (Image:

PS Remember, a brand-new social media platform that connects students in over 100 countries, was founded by Dwight and Angelique Morrison.

Angelique Morrison earned a degree in biotechnology and is a former researcher at the University of Guelph. She has a track record of assisting fellow scientists in their search for a cure for cystic fibrosis. Dwight Morrison, on the other hand, is a former music producer as well as an executive of a record label.

According to, through its uniquely designed and powerful search engine, PS Remember gives students who are not only currently or even previously attended high school or college to connect with each other. PS Remember has a database of over 2.5 million high school and university students. Those students are now able to message and video chat with each other and even develop new relationships along the way.

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Another advantage? Members are able to search and find former classmates from decades ago in different countries around the world including Mexico, USA, Brazil, Australia, France, India, Ghana, Nigeria, Jamaica, Columbia, South Africa, and many more.

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The Morrisons want to connect every student in the world on one single platform similarly to Facebook. They also hope to inspire the next generation of young people, especially black Americans, to work hard to make their dream a reality.

To learn more about PS Remember, check out its website. PS Remember can be accessed in the Google Play store.