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Black Blogger Month: Jet Set Sarah, Where Travel Meets Style

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Born and raised in England by parents who carry the soul of Barbados and Jamaica in their blood, travel and style writer Sarah Greaves-Gabbadon has experienced everything the Caribbean has to offer–including the parts the public typically oversees. It’s no secret the islands are known for their clear waters, refreshing drinks and loving-but-unforgiving sun, but Sarah wants to show the world there’s more to exotic abyss than what the movies portray.

From the waters that coast Anguilla to the mountains in Jamaica, this adventurer lover recently started her blog, to take fellow sky-mile addicts on a journey through a place made up of more than just one kind of people. But the best part is, she does it all in style. Considering herself a travel and fashion connoisseur–due to her extensive background in the travel industry–Sarah’s made it her mission to give to the public a tour beyond the stereotypical big screen scenario. In fact, if you let her tell it, you’ll find out she’s a “trip-loving, shopping-craving travel editor and writer on a mission to see the world in style…[and] share those adventures with everyone who appreciates [her] kind of crazy.”

Travel editor/writer by day and paradise lover at night, celebrates Black Blogger Month with Jet Set Sarah, getting the 411 on the best and worst places to stay, where to eat and how to do it all in style.

Jet Set Sarah is…

A traveler, Caribbean lover [and] shopper.

People should look at me as a travel expert because…

I’ve been working in the Caribbean travel industry for more than two decades. I used to live there. The Caribbean is my beat; it’s my home; it’s my passion.

When it comes to my blog…

I want people to know how diverse the Caribbean is. The Caribbean is so much more than just the beach. You can go to Jamaica and be 6,000 feet up in the Blue Mountains and get comfortable in front of a roaring fire; you can go to St. Lucia and hike a volcano; you can go to the Bahamas and swim with wild pigs. It’s my personal mission to make sure that no one comes back from the Caribbean with one of those dreadful caps with the dreadlocks attached. I want to make sure that people come back with something that they love…and when they give a souvenir to someone [that person] actually enjoys it. How many times do you get something and you think,’ Oh, great, you shouldn’t have.’ And you really mean it, you shouldn’t have.

The biggest misconception about traveling to the Caribbean is…

People [think] all the islands are the same, and they’re not. The people are different; the personalities of the people are different. The landscape is not the same. Some islands don’t have any beaches at all. I really find that it’s my mission to show that the Caribbean is about much more than white sand beaches. It’s about a rich culture that everyone can find something to connect with.

I travel…

Twice a month. I travel not just for my blog–that’s really my pet project–I travel because I write for outlets like, Coastal Living and Islands Magazine. I get sent on assignment a lot, and I’m always out. The content that’s on Jet Set Sarah is [what’s] closest to my heart.

I started this blog…

At the beginning of this year because I just needed an outlet about [to express my thoughts about] the Caribbean and traveling and shopping. There was so much that I wanted to say to people. My full-time gig folded, and while I decided what I wanted to do with the rest of my life, I thought this was an opportunity for me to share my passion with people. You know what they say, do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life…everything that’s on Jet Set Sarah is stuff I love.

I noticed Jet Set Sarah was becoming a success…

When I started to get responses and likes and RTs from people on Twitter and…Facebook. I actually find that people are much more responsive to the stuff that’s on the site through Twitter and through Facebook than they are actually on the site. That’s when I knew, ‘Okay, I’m onto something here.’ [But[ the truth is, I would do it anyways [even] if no one was listening. I feel that passionately about it.

When I’m not blogging about Caribbean travel…

[I’m a] freelance travel writer, editor and television host. I used to be the “shopping diva” for Air Jamaica’s in flight video magazine, and when Caribbean Travel & Life had its own TV show I was the host of that.

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