Black Blogger Month: Divas & Dorks' Christen Rochon

Black Blogger Month: Divas & Dorks, Best of Both Blogs

Christen Rochon, founder of

Divas & Dorks, a digital combination

I measure success according to…

Business goals and knowledge learned. Success can be as simple as accomplishing the task of networking with someone that you’ve always wanted to work with or landing two $20K clients in one week. It really depends on how you interpret daily tasks into the grand scheme of what your ultimate success is. I’ve never measured my blog success according to anyone else’s. The moment you measure your success based on someone else’s you’ve already limited yourself and your success based on the ability of what someone else can do. The best way to measure success if to note what’s been done plus the dreams that you wish to achieve and get to work towards it.

None of my success would be possible if not for…

Jesus–point, blank, period. There’s no way a girl from the inner city with so many obstacles stacked against her is supposed to be where she is today, without the help of God. I believe that preparation plus opportunity equals success and I’ve been preparing for what I’m doing now since I was a third grader selling bookmarks and drawings in elementary school. God gave me the gift of hustle at an early age and through school, life experiences and my career. He’s brought me to the level of success that I am today. There have been so many random business miracles that have come out of nowhere and there’s no other way to explain it, but God.

In business, you should you never be afraid to…

Have standards and demand compensation for your worth and work. Luckily, I learned the art of negotiation during my media sales career and have been able to apply that to my own business. You have to be comfortable knowing and expressing your self worth when in business.

If I weren’t blogging I’d probably be…

Working in a creative media capacity.  I’ve always loved the creative aspect of advertising since I was a little girl.  As a child, I was absolutely mesmerized by television commercials. I used to want to be just like Angela Bower from the sitcom Who’s The Boss. Currently, I’m taking classes to earn my second bachelor’s degree in new media design, which proves more than anything, that I’ll always have my foot in some area of creativity, whether it’s writing, designing or anything else.

My advice for anyone who wants to follow in my footsteps is…

Be unique, be genuine and be resilient. I truly believe my brand is successful because it’s unique. Even when I first started and got side-eyes from people once I explained what my blog and business is all about, I was convinced that it was needed in the digital space. Of course, I can’t be everything to everyone, but I can be myself and if that’s something that isn’t appealing to you, I’m sure it’ll be appealing to someone else… When building a brand, you want to make sure that you have an audience/consumers, a genuine need to fulfill and the ability to provide a solution.

What’s next on the horizon for me is…

Expanding into other areas and taking tech talk from the digital space to international destinations and travel with, which will be an extension of what we’re doing now, but with more focus on travel, entertainment and how to use technology to get more out of one’s traveling lifestyle. is also an area that may also grow into it’s own entity.  Currently, Divas Drive In Heels is a feature on dedicated to the automotive lifestyle of the female consumer. We cover auto news–from new vehicle releases to design partnerships and even lifestyle events that auto brands create to engage with the savvy female consumer.

We’re also exploring strong mentorship and personal investments in young women within urban communities through our D&D Foundation, which will focus on enlightening, encouraging and developing the interest of young women interested in marketing, technology, fashion or entertainment fields. Also, I’m planning on getting into more television appearances, like hosting segments on talk shows/news programs as well as brand endorsements, ambassadorships and more commercials. I recently wrapped on a commercial for Samsung TV and had a blast–I’d definitely like to do more things like that. Ultimately, I just want to walk in the gift that God gave me and fulfill whatever I’ve been put on this earth to do.

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