Bike Lanes may Benefit Small Businesses

Bike Lanes may Benefit Small Businesses

Advertising, social media and specials such as “Small Business Saturday” can boost a businesses bottom line but sometimes a simple addition such as a bike lane can do the same.

A recently conducted study regarding bike lanes and their affect on small business found similar positive results.

“When people travel by bike, they tend to eat, shop and play more locally,” said Martha Roskowski, a spokeswoman for Bikes Belong, a consumer advocacy group.

A common concern among small-business owners is if car parking is taken away, it will negatively impact sales, but “if public spaces are made more attractive and more vibrant, people will spend money, and businesses will do better,” said Roskowski.

A study in NYC entitled “Measuring the Streets” demonstrated that small businesses in New York City near bike lanes “have done very well, especially when compared to borough-wide averages,” said the New York City Department of Transportation. A similar study in Portland, Oregon also found people who drove to bars, stores and restaurants often spent more money per visit, but bicyclists visited the same venue more often and spent more overall.