Best Metro Areas for Budgeters

Best Metro Areas for Budgeters

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Do you have a budget? Do you stick to it? How do you compare to other people in your area?

If you’re wondering how you measure up compared to those who live near and far, this study is for you.

Personal finance website released a study outlining the metropolitan areas with the best and worst track record for budgeting.

Wallet Hub analyzed 16 measurements ranging from average credit score to the amount of households who did not utilize banking services.


Here’s what they found:

10 best metro areas for budgeters:

10. Siouxland

9. Lincoln

8. San Francisco

7. Des Moines

6. Cedar Rapids

5.  Boston

4. Greater Twin Cities

3.  Rochester (MN)

2.  Fargo-Moorehead

1.  Sioux Empire

Stay tuned for the worst metro areas for budgeters.