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BE Modern Man: Meet “The Creative Genius” Ron Bass

(Image: Facebook)
(Image: Facebook)

Name: Ron Bass

Profession: Visual Artist/Designer

Age: 31

One Word That Describes You: Love

Ron Bass is a free spirited individual hailing from Brooklyn, NY who is inspired by all things emitting love. In the wake of the loss of his beloved parents the creative non-traditional artist found his passion and peace of mind through art.  With his distinct love for DIY (Do It Yourself), Pop Art and Fashion his core inspiration draws from the work by legendary Jean-Michel Basquiat, Keith Haring, Mark McNairy and Jeremy Scott. The love Bass has for art combined with his creativity have made his designs a sought after item amongst the world’s top entertainers. Bass’s latest work has made its way to the likes of Jay-Z, Beyonce, Swizz Beatz, Rita Ora and Victoria Secret Model Cara D to name a few. His goal is to one day leave a mark on art and fashion culture by showcasing love for thyself and others while creating pieces that will inspire the masses.

At the age of 19 Bass suffered the devastating loss of both parents within three years of each other. This left him in an extremely dark, cold and lonely place. “I was at low and dark point in my life but I later realized that place was far from what my parents wanted and fought for when it came to me'” says Bass. “So I used their lives and what they left behind as inspiration in my art and in my life. Strength, hustle and the will to win even when our backs are against the thickest walls, are the qualities a BE Modern Man has in him to fight through.”

Equipped with creativity, the support of those close to him, and the inspiration of his parents to guide his work, Bass began to do what came natural. Create. “My peers, family and friends were more than supportive and some saw the creativity in me before I saw it in myself,” Bass tells BE Modern Man exclusively. “At times you don’t realize how supportive your loved ones are but when you do its one of the greatest feelings in the world. To make the people that’s rooting for you proud means everything to me.” With the support of many, there was still a hurdle that he had to overcome, and still has to confront today. Himself. “The most challenging thing has been myself. I am my biggest critic and my biggest naysayer while also being my biggest fan and my biggest motivator. It’s very challenging to go back and forth with yourself over and over again on making the right decisions. But in some aspects it’s a good thing because I’ve taken away the acknowledgment of so called life challenges. There’s no such thing to me. I take what I’m given and I approach how I see fit. This may not work for others but somehow it works for me.”

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