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BE Modern Man: Meet “The Change Agent” Bakari Sellers

BE Modern Man - Barkai Sellers 3

BE Modern Man - Barkai Sellers

Name: Bakari Sellers

Profession: Attorney/ Former. Member SC House of Reps/ 2014 nominee for Lt. Gov

Age: 30

One word that describes you: Change Agent

Active in the fight against child obesity, at the age of 22 Bakari Sellers became the youngest member of the South Carolina General Assembly. A graduate of Morehouse College in 2005, Sellers then received his law degree at the University of South Carolina in 2008.

His inspiration to enter into the world of politics was simple. To create change. “Politics is a difficult world to navigate where you have very few friends and must be guided by your ethical and moral center,” Sellers tells BE Modern Man. The challenges of being a young African-American male guided by those principles and navigating social politics within politics can be a daunting challenge. “I was confronted by those with a predisposition to discount my work and voice as a young African American male in this profession,” says Sellers.  “To surpass that I just worked harder and dreamed bigger.”

Dreaming big is essential in the process of bringing your goals to fruition, but there has to be a plan. “I understand that there are many young persons who dream just as I do, but may not know how to order their steps,” says Sellers. “These ordered steps separate me from the tough political landscape. Everyday I focus on leaving a legacy of creating a more perfect union.”

Legacy was created when at the age of  22,  Sellers became the youngest member of the South Carolina General Assembly. “Although I won my first election at the age of 21, there are still so many people in SC hurting and I truly am hopeful that my greatest achievement is yet to come.”

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