BE Luxury: 4 Things To Look For When You Buy A Luxury Home

BE Luxury: 4 Things To Look For When You Buy a Luxury Home

Luxury Home

There are levels to real estate. Location is always the emphasis, but the epitome of a luxury home, price $1 million and above, is amenities along with top of the line aesthetics and a savvy advisor.

Blurred Lines
Buy a luxury home with style, and most importantly, for lifestyle. It should have a seamless flow from everyday life to resort life. Live-work-play environments have attractive, innovative designs, plus afford pleasures — recreation, entertainment, fitness and relaxation. While space, views, light exposure, convenience, common areas, and exclusivity are common, these and other features index differently depending on the city.

An open-air fire pit with outdoor panoramic city views from Hollywood Hills, Los Angeles
Los Angeles View from Hollywood Hills, Fire Pit_T.Bernie
(Image: One Kindesign)

A proper swim in a Boston rooftop pool
Boston Rooftop Pool_T.Bernie
(Image: Boston Globe)

Pooches about the posh life at Washington, D.C., rooftop dog park
Washington, D.C. Rooftop Dog Park_T.Bernie
(Image: Wall Street Journal)

No list, no line, private screening room in New York City
New York City Private Screening Room_T.Bernie
(Image: New York Post)

Multiple views of waterfront and city from Miami Beach over-sized, wrap-around terrace
Miami Beach Multi-View, Oversized, Wrap-Around Balcony_T.Bernie
(Image: Miami Herald)

At your service, by fingertip, anytime; a Miami, Florida, condo integrated mobile phone app
 Miami Condo Mobile Phone App_T.Bernie 

All homes are special, but they are not equal in quality or impression. High-end homes spare no expense on details and materials. The luxury standard is the finest of finishes, from imported or custom marble or wood floors, state-of-the-art appliances, European cabinetry, to transparent sliding door systems, open-concept kitchens, lavish en-suite facilities, and tech-toilets, even a TESLA charging station. These interiors are more durable, visually appealing, in demand, and the new must-haves of luxury living.

Respected Names
An architect’s projects, as well as a fashion label’s branding, add unique touches to design, craftsmanship and market value, such as Herzog & de Meuron 56 Leonard Street “Jenga” tower in New York City, Zaha Hadid One Thousand Museum in Miami, and Giorgio Armani Residences in Dubai.

Find a licensed, reputable realtor or broker you have rapport with to represent your preferences, negotiate on your behalf, and follow through on your requests. They provide value in recommending areas, giving referrals, and understanding your financial objectives to assign the buy and timing appropriately for wealth building, investment income, or trophy purchase. Aside from being knowledgeable, also select someone well-networked with contacts for inside information on properties, priority for new development better pricing, access to exclusive previews, and a pulse of local market and external factors, for example high vs. low season and economic conditions.

T. Bernie is an aesthetic entrepreneur serving clients as a real estate advisor on the mTkalla Team | Compass Miami of Downtown, luxury spaces and as a public relations strategist to beauty and lifestyle brands. Jamaican born, South Florida raised, and New York City made, she relocated back and is a go-to for Miami chic. #LiveBeauty @lipstickandpropertyvalue.