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Backtalk with Bishop T.D. Jakes

Why is it important to put faith-based movies on the silver screen?
I want to see people of faith not excluded or discriminated against. I want to see them having equal opportunity and access to the Hollywood machine. I want to tear down the wall and the myth that Christians or people of faith are aliens having some other experience. We laugh, we have issues, we have problems just like anybody else. There really isn’t a difference in the subjects of interest, though there might be a difference of where we go for support, but there is certainly no difference in the experience of the maladies, the humors, the tragedies, and the adversities of life. We’re sharing this planet together.

How do you relax and get away from all your work?
It’s hard to just let it all go and trust that it will all be OK when you get back. I have to work at this. Sometimes that’s a real challenge because it’s difficult to let it all go and not feel guilty, not feel like you’re letting somebody down. There’s always somebody who wants something or needs something from you. But I started swimming, I like to fish, and my wife and I are avid Scrabble players, Writing is also relaxing for me.