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A Black Businesswoman in China: Dealing With the Government (Part 5)

Malla Haridat
This post will focus on navigating business with the Chinese government. Bottom line: You need to have a stomach for dealing with HUGE bureaucracies. My...

A Black Businesswoman in China: Getting Around (Part 4)

Malla Haridat
I highly recommend taking public transportation in the three metropolitan cities of Shanghai, Beijing and Hong Kong. While cabs are plentiful and easy to hail,...

A Black Businesswoman in China: Learning The Language (Part 3)

Malla Haridat
In our third installment of Doing Business in China, I am sharing my experiences on the importance of learning the language. How well does one...

A Black Businesswoman in China: Don’t Skimp on Business Cards (Part 2)

Malla Haridat
One of the first things that any good cultural guide will share about doing business in China is the importance of business cards. Business cards...

A Black Businesswoman in China: Traveling as a Foreigner

Malla Haridat
If you’ve read about the recent successful trip that the National Urban League hosted in Beijing or have a general interest to expand your business...

2010 Entrepreneurs Conference: Legendary Inspirations

Malla Haridat
It’s not every day that you have the opportunity to network with 1,200+ of the most progressive black entrepreneurs from around the country. However, what...

2010 Entrepreneurs Conference: What I Learned From the Elevator Pitch

Malla Haridat
If you had only 60 seconds to deliver your best business pitch, what would you say to convince someone to fund your business? Now consider...