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Dr. Atira Charles
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Dr. Atira Charles is CEO of Think Actuality, LLC and an Assistant Professor of Management at Florida A&M University. She is also founder of The Mask Project (www.ourmasks.com). She has presented her research internationally and has worked with many global organizations in her quest to better understand how identities impact one’s workplace and life experience. She provides workshops and consultative services to public and private sector organizations that aim to promote more productive and inclusive environments. Her research and consulting seek to shed light on the unique narratives of how people manage their individual identities while striving for professional and organizational success. Dr. Charles earned both her B.S. in Finance and her M.B.A. at Florida A&M University, and her Ph.D in Organizational Behavior from Arizona State University.

How to Handle the Emotions of Racial Injustice While at Work

Dr. Atira Charles
As our country sits enraged about numerous moments of injustice, we still have to get up, go to work and “wear the mask.” How do...