Atlanta Security Guard Goes to Jail After Melee in the Mall

ATL Security Guard Goes to Jail After Melee in the Mall

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An Atlanta security guard who created a buzz after posting videos of himself fighting crime at downtown’s Metro Mall, was arrested for assault Thursday afternoon, the Atlanta-Journal Constitution reports.

Damien Long, who is 45, became known after a lapel-cam video posted Jan. 28 on showed him tasing a woman who had verbally and physically attacked him.

But now, Long, allegedly tackled a patron who Long says he told to stay away, but there was no documentation or evidence that the mall-goer had done anything wrong.

“The video from inside the mall clearly shows Mr. Long run up to this person from the side and tackle him to the ground,” Atlanta Police Department spokeswoman Kim Jones said. “Mr. Long could not produce any documentation to back up his claim that the victim had been given a trespass warning and the video depicts Mr. Long acting as the primary aggressor.”

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