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Ask the Money Coach: 5 Ways to Earn More Cash Before Year’s End

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The last three months of the year can be budget busters for many people. Many of us will do at least a little holiday shopping—if not a lot of it. Then there are industry conferences, business dinners, plus home and office parties galore for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and more.

All the while, your creditors still expect to get paid for everything from your cell phone bill to your rent or mortgage.

So if you need some extra cash to help with your extra year-end spending—or even if you could just use some additional bucks to cover your regular monthly bills, here are five ways to boost your bank account in the final months of the year.

Squeeze Money From Your Residence

Whether you rent or own, getting a roommate or housemate is one way to generate income. If you can tolerate having an extra person around, you’ll likely find takers willing to lease out a spare bedroom or space in your attic or basement, especially given the high rate of people being put out of their homes these days due to foreclosure. Tighter mortgage lending standards also mean that more people are unable to qualify for a home loan for their own place.

Two caveats though: if you are a renter, before forging ahead and taking on a roommate, be sure you’re not violating any clauses in your rental contract by letting someone else live with you. Also, if you want a roommate for just a few months, write up an agreement with the individual specifying when he or she is expected to leave.