Arkansas Daycare Kicks Out 6-Year Old Black Girl For Wearing BLM Shirt

Arkansas Daycare Kicks Out 6-Year-Old Black Girl For Wearing Black Lives Matter Shirt

Journei Brockman
Image via screenshot from Fox 16 News

The recent protests over the viral video of a police officer killing 46-year-old George Floyd have sparked a new surge of energy into Black Lives Matter, sparking conversation around the country about race. Millions of people have shown their solidarity through their art, social media, time, and resources. At a daycare in Arkansas, a young Black girl wearing Black Lives Matter (BLM) apparel was reportedly kicked out of the program.

According to FOX 16 News, a 6-year-old Black girl named Journei Brockman was kicked out of the His Kids Learning daycare center in Russellville, Arkansas, by the administration because she showed up wearing a BLM shirt on the claims that she was encouraging racism through her clothing.

“We feel a childcare environment is not a place for a parent’s political views to be addressed or played out, regardless of race,” Patricia Brown said in a statement in defense of the decision tells FOX 16. The mother of the young girl, Deval Brockman, told reporters that administrators went as far as to question her parenting skills due to her daughter wearing the shirt. The preschool says that Brockman is no longer welcomed at the center.

“She asked me Friday, ‘Can I go back?’ No, you can never go back,” explained Deval. “She was like ‘I don’t like it, I don’t agree with it’, and I would prefer it if you didn’t send her to school in it again…[the school’s director] was like, ‘I am not going to tell you how to raise your child but you need to reevaluate how you’re parenting her.”

“It’s not political, it’s everyday life, It’s all over the news. Right is right and wrong is wrong,” she continued. “If you’re going to a Christian led daycare, let’s abide by the bible then.”