5 Apps to Save You Money When You Shop

5 Apps to Save You Money When You Shop

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What if every time you went shopping, you were guaranteed to score a deal? With modern technology and what seems to be a new app launch every day, you can. Not only can you download apps to edit your selfies and deposit checks directly into your account, you can also download them to save money (and make money) when you shop. Check out these cool five apps and save on everything from groceries to clothes.


Poshmark is like raiding your big sister’s closet, but without having to hear her make a big fuss about it. The app is something like a network, connecting you to style lovers everywhere so that you can shop each other’s wardrobes. The items are usually significantly marked down, and you get to make money, too, whenever you sell a piece.


Bestie is an app and website, similar to the set up of Instagram, that allows you to subscribe to fellow users’ profiles. You get to check out their merchandise, and buy what you like. You can also enter promotion codes to save extra on certain items.

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With over 400 Retailers, from grocers to clothing stores, Flipp is the central location for all of your weekly circulars. The app offers multiple features, like deal expiration alerts, shopping lists and device syncing. To save money, users can also price match and easily find discount savings.


This nifty app saves you time and money by finding only the best deals on items in over 65,000 grocery and drug stores. Favado lets you search for deals on items you need, and alerts you of the stores with the best savings.


Cellfire is the largest digital coupon provider in the world. Download the app to register your various loyalty and rewards cards from your favorite stores. Sift through the endless coupons and select the ones you want, saving them to your rewards cards. The next time you shop, the saved coupons for the stores will be redeemed at checkout.