5 Apps for Filmmakers to Maximize Production

5 Apps for Filmmakers to Maximize Production

Staying in the know of the latest technological developments and advancements in cinematography is necessary for behind the lens movie lovers. Whether taking your video to new heights with premium edit technology, or predicting the sunlight for the perfect clip, these apps for filmmakers are worth the download to your devices.

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Adobe’s Premier Clip

Adobe’s Premier Clip is an editor app that allows you to turn the clips you shoot with your iPhone or iPad into videos. The Edit in Premiere Pro feature lets you elevate primary editing to your Adobe Creative Cloud account and further edit the clip in Premiere Pro.

iPhone, iPad, free


PowerDirector is a free and comprehensive mobile video editor, exporting to Full HD is a $4.95 upgrade. Power Director offers over 10 effects and over 20 transition effects, a function to add sound and photo to your video, and a drag-and-drop content and effects component  for quick and precise editing.

Android, PC, free

ICG Safety App

After the death of 27-year-old camera assistant Sarah Jones on the set of Midnight Rider, Local 600 introduced the Safety App so that movie workers could anonymously report unsafe conditions on production sets. The app allows reporters to state their concerns anonymously so that they are not blackballed or held accountable for their accounts.

iPhone, Android, free

Sun Surveyor

Sun Surveyor predicts the position of the sun and the moon for any location. The precise prediction lets you plan shots with that perfect shadow and lighting. It also includes a 3D compass, interactive map and street view, augmented reality and a detailed ephemeris.

iPhone, iPad, Android, $6.99


Artemis is popular among directors and cinematographers. The app allows you to frame lines according to the lens size and aspect ratio entered. In 2012, version six debuted and included a redesigned UI, support for AirPlay, and a function to store snapshots in the style of metadata into a gallery.

iPhone, iPad, Android, $29.99

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