Amy DuBois Barnett 's 10 Tips of Dealing with a Career Crisis

Amy DuBois Barnett’s 10 Tips for Dealing with a Career Crisis

On Thursday, March 10, 2016, media executive and author of Get Yours! Have Everything You Ever Dreamed Of, Amy DuBois Barnett, will join author, warrior life coach and entrepreneur, Bershan Shaw, and gun safety advocate and founder of the Walk with Jordan Scholarship Fund, Lucia McBath, as they educate women on leveraging their unique power at the 2016 Black Enterprise Women of Power Summit. Held at the Hilton Diplomat Resort & Spa, Hollywood, Florida, this session focuses on the most underutilized tool in your arsenal–your personal story. Here, you’ll learn how to leverage what you take for granted to be used for your best advantage.

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Black Enterprise caught up with Dubois Barnett via a Twitter chat to discuss finding the silver lining during a career crisis. Check out the top 10 takeaways from her chat below.

  1. Fear = growth. Risk is scary but it’s the only way to realize your potential.
  2. Experience teaches a lot about resilience and tenacity.
  3. There’s no ladder in a career. You move up, down, sideways. Sometimes you jump off to get some water and rest.
  4. The entrepreneurial life isn’t for everyone! You need lots of energy.
  5. Learn not to tie your ego to your job.
  6. Stay in touch with all your contacts because you usually get job leads from people you know.
  7. Be honest. Everyone has been thru a crisis. It’s silly to act that your life is always perfect.
  8. Taking risks is the only way you will realize your true potential. If you stay comfy, you limit your growth.
  9. Never underestimate yourself. You can be anything you think you can be.
  10. You must think you deserve an opportunity before others will give it to you. If you believe you can succeed, you will.

Bonus: Success is a mindset! You must believe in you first, and then put out positive and authoritative energy.

Learn more from Dubois Barnett  and many other influential executives at March 9-12, at the Hilton Diplomat Resort & Spa, Hollywood, Florida, for the Women of Power Summit. Register now.

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