5 Million American Households Tune Out Traditional TV

5 Million American Households Tune Out Traditional TV

It’s only Wednesday, but already it is a full and eventful week in tech. In this fast-paced industry, it’s out with the old (news about Facebook’s IPO) and in with the new—more news and speculation surrounding the Menlo Park, Calif.-based company. With talks of Facebook setting up shop to create a smartphone and Google Glass resurfacing with new developments, here’s a look at top tech moments so far this week.--Janel Martinez

With pricey cable and satellite TV services and an increase in “second screen” viewing, a growing number of people have stopped using traditional televisions, instead opting for the web. Known as “Zero TV” households, these folks lie outside of the traditional definition of a TV home, according to USA Today.

There are currently 5 million Zero TV households in the U.S., a 3 million household increase from 2007.

MadameNoire reports:

“While some of us couldn’t dream of such a thing, there are a number of reasons why more people are finding traditional TV/cable alternatives. Part of it is the monthly cost of the cable hook up. Most of those without a TV are young, single, and without children. When they move out on their own, they just never get around to setting up the line. Some people just want to watch less TV.

But another big reason are the alternatives. You don’t actually need to have a TV to watch TV anymore. And even if you have one, you don’t necessarily need cable now that there’s greater access to streaming video and programming on DVD.”

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