Al Roker, Jennifer Lopez Sued Over Show "Big Easy Justice"

Al Roker and Jennifer Lopez Being Sued Over Show “Big Easy Justice”

al roker and jennifer lopezA lawsuit has been filed against Al Roker and Jennifer Lopez, who have a reality show called “Big Easy Justice.”

19-year-old Everette Draughn filed the lawsuit in Louisiana saying Roker and Lopez’ show, falsely labeled him as a grand theft auto suspect … and then targeted him in a nationally-televised manhunt last year.

Everette, who is suing for unspecified damages, insists he hadn’t committed grand theft auto at the time of the episode’s broadcast, nor was he a fugitive. He also states he was battered into signing a release agreement.

The show is about a New Orleans bounty hunter named Tat-2, which is on Spike TV and it’s produced by Lopez and Roker. The episode Everette appears in aired in April.