AKAs Accused of Witness Tampering in Hazing Case

AKAs Accused of Witness Tampering in Hazing Case

The Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority chapter on Howard University’s campus has been accused of witness tampering in the recently filed human rights lawsuit against them, Washington City Paper reports.

Seniors Laurin Compton and Lauren Cofield are alleging human rights violations and also list their mothers – both members of AKA – as plaintiffs in the suit.

Alpha Kappa Alpha has reportedly suspended the sorority privileges for the mothers, Sandra Compton and Lessie Cofield, a move that caused Sandra Compton and a few potential witnesses not to attend a hearing, fearing their privileges would be suspended too.

Judge Rosemary Collyer condemned the action as witness tampering, reportedly saying: “The Court finds that the actions of AKA were deplorable and inadvisable, as at least AKA’s counsel now concedes, and had the impact of impeding testimony.”