AEG Live to Bring Up Michael Jackson's Past, Drug Addiction in Lawsuit

AEG Live to Bring Up Michael Jackson’s Past, Drug Addiction in Lawsuit


aeg michael jacksonAEG Live is playing dirty in the Michael Jackson wrongful death lawsuit filed by Katherine Jackson and Michael’s children.

In an attempt to defend itself from liability for Jackson’s death in 2009, AEG will contend that Conrad Murray, Jackson’s physician who was sentenced for his involvement in the singer’s death, was not hired by the concert promoter and was a direct employee of Michael. AEG, who is being accused of pressuring Murray to keep a physically exhausted Jackson alert for his world tour, will reportedly bring up Jackson’s past molestation charges and drug addiction as a defense.

“[Murray] was chosen by Michael Jackson,” said Marvin Putnam, AEG’s lawyer. “He was brought to Los Angeles by Michael Jackson. He had been Michael Jackson’s long-time physician and continued in that capacity and was directed by him and could only be fired at will by him.”

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