An Accounting Software Makeover for a Small Business

Accounting for Disaster

Larry and Robyn Swayne, owners of Wingzza

Calculating and reporting payroll taxes, tracking sales, managing expenses, and safely storing all of these records can take a huge toll on a small-business owner’s time. To show entrepreneurs the benefits of technology, Black Enterprise asked business software maker Intuit to give one small eatery a software makeover. Intuit responded with a package that includes five years of free QuickBooks Online Plus & Payroll package and Intuit’s GoPayment with one year of credit card processing fees waived, which all together is worth nearly $5,000.

No one knows better than Larry and Robyn Swayne, owners of Wingzza, a popular mobile food truck in Charlotte, North Carolina, how essential technology can be to the survival of your business. Despite a fire that totaled their first truck in June 2011, Wingzza’s pizza went on to be named the “Best Slice in North Carolina” by Food Network Magazine and the truck was featured on the Cooking Channel.

But business could have taken a tragic turn if their laptop, payroll notes, bank statements, and accounting paperwork had been damaged in that fire. Although they had been using Intuit’s Quickbooks for desktops, they would have lost a year’s worth of financial records because the files weren’t backed up anywhere else.

The Swaynes kept a journal for three months to chronicle their experience with Quickbooks Online and GoPayment and found that the software gave them more time, money, and security. See for yourself.

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