9 Annoying Lies Job Interviewers May Tell You

9 Annoying Lies Job Interviewers May Tell You

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Job seeking is a two-way vetting process, not matter what you may be thinking. True, a company has the power cards in their favor, but in some ways, so do you. They need your expertise, your skills, and your intellectual capital just as much as you need the paycheck. Sometimes, during the vetting process, prospective employers will say things that aren’t that close to the truth, just to keep you hanging on or interested in what they have to offer. Check out nine of these fibs and how you can see right through them to make the right choice for your ultimate career advancement:

“You’re in the lead for this position.” Are you really? Have they already interviewed everyone? This might be the truth, or it might just be flattery to keep you hanging on.

Don’t take these words to mean too much. You may very well be in the lead, but you also may be the first candidate they’ve interviewed, and you never who will come through that door next.

“We think your outside life is just as important as your work life.” This one may make you believe you’ll never be working late hours or weekends, but unfortunately, that’s rarely the case anymore. To really find out, dig a little deeper.

Can you work from home if you have a sick child? Do they have strict office hours, or can you be flexible? Will you travel? Answers to these questions will help you suss out a company’s priorities more than a blanket statement about work-life balance.

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