9 Holiday Gifts To Boost Your Career

9 Holiday Gifts That Can Help Boost Your Career

Small Business Owners predicate a bounce in Holiday Sales
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Small Business Owners predicate a bounce in Holiday SalesWho knew holiday gifts could impact one’s professional success? Usually, it’s all about what to buy your boss or coworkers for that Secret Santa tradition in the office. Well, Brazen Careerist details gifts that actually help you to advance your career in the long run:

1. A tablet
Whether you’re an Apple or Microsoft fan, both tech giants have new tablets for sale this holiday season. The Microsoft Windows Surface comes with a built-in keyboard, USB port and, as an added bonus, complete access to Microsoft Office programs. Apple’s latest tablet, the iPad Mini, does everything a regular iPad does, but in a slim 7.9-inch display. Both products are perfect for work AND play.

2. A pair of sneakers
Did you know that people who exercise make more money at work? It’s true; according to a recent study from the Journal of Labor Research, employees who exercise earn nine percent more than their lazier counterparts. So if you want to up that paycheck, consider asking for a new pair of sneaks and get ready to hit the pavement to shed those unwanted holiday pounds.

3. Membership to a professional organization
Have you been wanting to get involved in a professional organization related to your career field but don’t want to shell out the cash to join? Now’s your chance to have someone else pay your dues and still reap the benefits. Think about your career path and research the organizations that most closely align with your goals. For example, if you’re a PR professional, consider the Public Relations Society of America; if you’re a journalist, try the Society of Professional Journalists.

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