9 Advancement Goals for Smart Working Women

9 Advancement Goals for Smart Working Women

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So you’ve got it going on: You’re a professional woman who gets up every day, works hard and looks great doing it. It doesn’t matter what industry and in what capacity, you want to be sure that whatever you’re involved in is a success—or at least working toward it.

Well, writer Nicole Thompson offers a stellar list of goals to add to your list for ultimate success. Some of them include the following:

Value Education
While college is not for everyone, higher education promises higher pay to those who attained their degree, than their counterparts who possess only a high school diploma. With that said, schooling is more expensive now than it’s ever been. Yearly tuition perpetually skyrockets alongside the cost of books, supplies, and the cost of living, making it difficult for non-traditional students, in particular, to continue education while attending school.  Try taking courses at community colleges, looking into financial aid, checking out workshops that are available through the state department, and find free classes that are available at some libraries. And in your specific field of work, try to stay abreast of new developments and methods so that you can stay ahead of the game.

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