8 Ways to Cultivate a Stellar Office Culture

8 Ways to Cultivate a Stellar Office Culture

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Company culture can make or break a business. I’ve witnessed it in several companies that I’ve both started and been a part of. In my experience leading teams over the past 10 years, the culture of a startup is almost always dictated by the CEO.

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When I was running an agency eight years ago, my business was struggling. I let this impact the culture of our team. Though I didn’t realize it at the time, this was de-motivating our entire company – so much that we ended up closing shop and letting everyone go. Since my failure, I’ve learned that in order to succeed in business, you have to succeed in relationships. You have to motivate your employees to the point they would do anything for the business. Here are a few of the tips that I’ve used over the years to help grow a successful company by motivating my team members.

Be Honest, All the Time

No company is perfect or successful all the time. In order for your whole team to be on board with you, you have to be as honest as you can about your accomplishments, potential setbacks and what you need from your team. Better communication about common goals yields better results.

Leave Your Employees Alone and Manage From a Distance

While it’s tempting to micromanage every moving part of your company, you’re better off taking a step back and allowing your employees to gain more confidence on their own, away from your watchful eyes, knowing that they have your full trust. Watching from a distance has allowed several intrapreneurs to grow in our company. Had I not just stepped back and watched, they wouldn’t have been able to stand out and shine.

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