7 Tips for Getting the Right Followers on Pinterest

7 Tips for Getting the Right Followers on Pinterest

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After you get your new business Pinterest profile set up, the next challenge is probably the biggest: how to get high-quality followers, so you can start having real conversations and generating word-of-mouth buzz (and traffic) for your company.

Below are 7 tips (from my Ultimate Guide to Pinterest) to do exactly that:

1. Show Off Your Brand

People need to know about your company and be exposed to who you are as well as what you offer. Your username should be the same as your company name, and your gravatar should be your business logo.

2. Follow Others on Pinterest

Find some fun Pinterest users that are posting great content, and get your Pinterest party started! Follow influencers sharing great content, as well as those who have similar interests as you, by using the Pinterest search.

Also, don’t forget to follow other companies or professionals that are related to what you do.

3. Interact

This is basic etiquette for Pinterest – it’s just as important to interact with others (by commenting on their pins and repinning their images) as it is to provide your own quality pins and content.

4. Content

Be true to yourself and your brand. Pin and comment on a variety of quality images.

Think of the time you are actively spending on Pinterest as adding more content and exposing your business. Repinning images, making comments and other similar interactions all increase your chance of getting new followers.

There is a line between producing and sharing awesome content and spamming. Interact, have fun and your profile will get seen. It’s as simple as this: If people like what you pin, people will follow you.

5. Practice Consistency

Pin regularly. Just like any other social media network, posting and showing your presence is key to getting more friends or followers.

Tip: Just like any other social media site, DON’T SPEND ALL DAY ON PINTEREST. Spend 10-20 minutes a day on it instead. This way, you are showing your presence and staying active but it isn’t taking away from all of the important things you have to take care of in your business.

6. Sync With Other Social Websites

For maximum exposure, link your accounts and get your name and brand out there all across the Web. Whether you just signed up for Pinterest, or you have an established account, you have the option to sync your Pinterest account with your other social websites.

Right now — by going to “settings” to configure your sync settings — you can turn them off, choose only one account to sync, or do both.

7. Add the Pinterest Profile Link to Your Website

Make it easy for people to pin your images by using a Pinterest follow button on your website. Don’t forget to make sure you have quality images on your site so people will want to repin. You can add the Pinterest follow button to your site by grabbing the embed code here.

Now that you’ve got more followers, you can check out how Pinterest is not only for product-based businesses, learn how to boost your Pinterest SEO and get some tips for proper etiquette on the social networking site.– Laura Roeder

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Laura Roeder is a social media marketing expert who teaches small businesses how to become known as #1 in their field and claim their brand online. She is the creator of Creating Fame and Your Backstage Pass to Twitter.

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