7 Habits of Awesome Communicators

7 Habits of Awesome Communicators

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You always hear the saying that communication is key. The breakdown of it can wreak havoc in a workplace, thus being an awesome communicator is essential. Whether it’s the guy who is great at storytelling or the orator who can move masses to donate their last dollar, leaders with a gift of gab have a valuable skill that can take them to the top of any industry.

But what exactly makes one an awesome communicator? Inc. contributor Kevin Daum writes, “Many of you have experienced great communicators such as Presidents Reagan and Clinton, and most of you have suffered through that boring lecture or maddening argument from a person who just couldn’t make their point in a way you could comprehend. No need for you to be the offender. Just emulate these seven traits, and you’ll rise to your highest potential and enjoy life along the way.”

1. They connect.
2. They engage.
3. They disarm.
4. They focus.
5. They clarify.
6. They reinforce.
7. They practice.