7 Athletes Who Created Luxury Watches

7 Athletes Who Created Luxury Watches

lebron james watch audemars piaget

lebron james watch audemars piagetOne of the most prominent accessories of a successful man is his watch. It is not only an accessory to enhance his wardrobe it is also a status symbol that shows how well he is doing in society.

Uptown Magazine highlights how a few athletes who have expanded their brand to create customized timepieces.

LeBron James is the most recent athlete to come up with a timepiece. Dubbed the “Royal Oak Offshore Chronograph LeBron James,” LeBron’s new watch evokes the Miami Heat forward’s appreciation of both sport and style. The 18-carat pink gold and grey stunner features high-end details like a crocodile strap and a blue printed signature on the sapphire crystal, titanium bezel. 600 of the watches were made.