6 Reasons You Should Stay On Your Career Path

6 Reasons You Should Stay on Your Career Path

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If you’re unhappy at work and feel unfulfilled, sometimes the first urge is to change your industry or career altogether. But oftentimes, it’s not the career, it’s the job. Maybe the company you’re working for isn’t a good fit or the work environment just doesn’t match with your personality.

Just because you’re in a rut or dissatisfied with work doesn’t mean you should do a total career 360. AOL Jobs offers six reasons you shouldn’t change your career.

1. You don’t fit in with the company culture. If your issue is with your relationship with your boss, co-workers, or your company’s values, then start exploring new workplaces. You might find that your job is much more enjoyable at a place that complements your work style.

For instance, working within a very outgoing company culture where everyone is fist-pumping and chit-chatting can be annoying and frustrating if you’re an introvert. But it doesn’t mean that you’re in the wrong job — it just means you’re at the wrong company.

2. You’re not getting the recognition or status you want. If you’re seeking validation from a prestigious title or fame, then you might be suffering from low self-esteem rather than the wrong career, says Penelope Trunk, founder of the career-management site, Brazen Careerist. In a recent post of her personal blog, Trunk writes: “Prestige is a hollow goal when it comes to careers.” She points to a study by the University of Rochester, which found that those “who focused on goals tied to others’ approval (like fame) reported significantly higher levels of distress.” In other words, you’ll find yourself much unhappier if your goals are dependent on others’ approval. Trunk recommends therapy — but therapy is expensive. Try to let go of what others think and focus on you.

3. You’re bored at work. Yawning a little too much in your cubicle? Banish boredom by practicing your self-starter skills. Start your own side projects. Peek into others’ assignments and see if they could use your talents. Or challenge yourself to do your current job faster and better.

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