6 Reasons Why Trump is Not a Legitimate President

6 Reasons Why Trump is Not a Legitimate President

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While many Americans were celebrating and honoring the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. over the past weekend, President-elect Donald Trump went on a Twitter rampage blasting civil rights hero Rep. John Lewis, calling him a lawmaker who is “all talk” and “no action.” Trump’s ill-timed remarks came after Lewis said in an interview on NBC’s Meet the Press that Trump “is not a legitimate president” and that he plans to boycott his inauguration.

Both Democrats and Republicans have criticized Trump for attacking Lewis, a highly regarded civil rights icon who worked directly with Dr. King to end racial discrimination. Filmmaker Michael Moore also came to Lewis’ defense, listing six reasons why Americans should question Trump’s legitimacy in a Facebook post. According to Moore, Russia’s interference in the 2016 election helped Trump win. He also argues that Trump is not the candidate that Americans wanted to run the country since Hillary Clinton received 3 million more popular votes.

Check out Moore’s list of reasons below.

1. Nothing, including an arcane, racist section of the constitution, can change the fact that 3 million more Americans voted for Hillary than for Trump. It’s either a democracy or it isn’t. If he had won by 3 million, I would sadly admit that Trump is the President the American people wanted. But that’s not what happened.

2. He is not well and needs help. He has a number of serious mental disorders that make him unfit to hold office — and they are on display every day in one cringe-worthy tweet after another. He is a full-blown malignant narcissist. He displays sociopathic tendencies. He will say one thing and 30 seconds later say the opposite. He is disconnected from the truth. And he has a stunning lack of human empathy. These behaviors make him a truly dangerous occupant of the Oval Office.

3. The Russians interfered with the election in order to get him elected. Even Trump now admits as much. That alone makes the election tainted and should be voided. We spend trillions on ridiculous weapons and ineffective police state-style homeland security measures to defend us against those who would “destroy our way of life” — but we are to remain silent when a foreign government is caught trying to get THEIR candidate elected as OUR president? AND they succeed! This is a joke of monstrous proportions — and the fact that conservatives, Republicans and patriotic good ol’ boys are actively defending this foreign aggression into our country confirms to me what I’ve feared all along: that they really hate our form of democracy, our Bill of Rights, our belief that “All men (sic) are created equal,” our one person-one vote system, that whoever scores the most points wins and that people of all religions are welcome here. They don’t believe that, and I’d respect them so much more if they would just simply admit it.

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