6 Mobile Apps to Help Plan Thanksgiving

6 Mobile Apps to Help Plan for the Holidays


‘Tis the season for hosting family dinners, juggling work and play, and trying to keep your sanity. Thankfully, we live in a world where we can solve most of our problems with a few mobile apps that help simplify things. Whether it’s using your smartphone to look for recipe ideas or to figure out the best location for Black Friday deals, here are a six mobile apps that can make planning and hosting Thanksgiving dinner a little less stressful:

  1. Allrecipes.com Dinner Spinner Pro ($2.99, iTunes & Android): This app gives you access to the user-generated recipes on the popular cooking web site—Allrecipes.com. A slot-machine-style interface helps you search for new meal possibilities by rotating horizontal spinners to choose a recipe by meal type, ingredient, or cook time. You can scan grocery items with your phone and search for recipes with that item or add it to a shopping list.
  2. Peapod Grocery Mobile app (free, Android & Iphone): Are you a busy parent or someone working around the clock? Peapod lets you shop for groceries and place an order using your iPad, smartphone or Kindle. You can also search for weekly specials, create list for previous purchases, and review the nutrition facts for the products in the store. This savvy app also includes a “Guess My Order” option that adds the items you frequently buy with a single touch.
  3. Turkey Timer (Free, Android): Based on the weight of your turkey, it provides recommended time for cooking and it allows you to set an alarm to alert you when the turkey is done.
  4. A Bon Appétit Manual (Free, iPhone): This app is focused on preparing a gourmet Thanksgiving feast. From turkey and sides to desserts and drinks, the app features detailed instructions and photos, and festive ideas for after dinner cocktails. Don’t let the term “gourmet” scare you. Whether you’re a first time cook or more seasoned chef, you can choose a cutting edge menu or more traditional Thanksgiving feast.
  5. Tastebud (Free, iTunes): About a day or two after Thanksgiving, most of us have grown tired of eating the same old turkey over and over again, Tastebud finds recipes for you based on ingredients you already have in your kitchen.
  6. Black Friday 2014 (Free, Android): The day after Thanksgiving, we’re not only thinking about what to do with leftovers, we’re also trying to figure out where to get the best deals. With TV Ads and circulars being blasted each minute, it can be challenging to track the best deals. The Black Friday App brings everything you need to know about the best deals you’re your mobile phone or tablet. With your best ads saved in one place you can create shopping list and access shopping online at Dealnews.com.

Happy Holidays!