5 Types of Annoying Co-Workers, Are You One?

5 Types of Annoying Co-Workers That May Be Your Demise

We’ve all experienced it at least once.

The annoying co-worker who we pray we don’t get stuck with for a team project and the colleague we try to avoid at company parties and after-work outings. While being sociable at work is a good, the reality is that you don’t have to become friends with every colleague you meet.

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If any of the below characteristics sound familiar, then you may want to tread lightly with how you handle these co-workers in the workplace. But as you take precaution, just make sure none of these characteristics are a reflection of you.

1. The gossiper: While this co-worker may have the latest scoop on all of the office happenings, be careful how much attention you give them. You never know when they are trying to fish for information and make you the next topic of discussion.

2. The saboteur: While a little friendly competition in the workplace is always welcome, there comes a time when your accomplishments may intimidate a colleague. In this case, you may start to notice a change in their behavior that includes them going out of their way to throw you under the bus or a strong attempt to make you feel less included in the latest company happenings. If this happens, do not play into their game and get even. The last thing you need is to be in front of HR explaining your wrongful response.

3. The slacker: While you’re working your butt off to complete a task, lazy Lindsey is in the cubicle next to you checking her Facebook page and doing some online shopping. I’m sure it’s annoying to watch a lazy co-worker get by without being called out by your boss, but the best thing you can do is ignore the situation. If his or her laziness doesn’t directly affect your workload, then turn a blind eye to the situation.

4. The loud one: We’ve all experienced that one co-worker who has no clue how to exercise their inside voice. From talking loud on the phone, to yelling out a colleagues name from their office, this co-worker is constantly interrupting your day with their boisterous conversations. Next time this happens, politely make your colleague aware of their actions. Sometimes people aren’t aware of behavior until they’re called out on it.

5. The unhappy one: Have you come into contact with a co-worker who always has something negative to say about why an idea won’t work, why the company is so boring, and why just about each and every other colleague gets on their nerves? If the answer is yes, then run fast. The last thing you want is for their negative and toxic energy to affect you and your thoughts about your job. If you ignore them, they will eventually get the hint that you’re down for positive vibes only.