5 Tips to Help Millennials Achieve a Better Work-Life Balance

5 Tips to Help Millennials Achieve a Better Work-Life Balance

(Image: Thinkstock)
(Image: Thinkstock)

One-third of full-time employees globally say it has gotten more difficult within the last five years to manage work and family, according to a survey from Ernst & Young’s Global Generation Research.

Approximately, 46 percent of managers globally are working more than 40 hours per week. When it comes to the younger generation, 47 percent of millennial managers have reported an increase in their hours compared to 38 percent for Gen X and 28 percent for Baby Boomers. While reports show that millennials crave for more flexibility in the workplace and time for personal matters, a survey released earlier this year by Workfront says millennials are more likely to answer urgent emails at family dinner compared to previous generations.

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With millennials on track to become the largest generation in the U.S. workforce, a grasp on work-life balance is critical to helping them remain effective leaders in the workplace. Below are five tips suggested by Time to help millennials attain that balance from their boss.

1. Be up front: Research the company up front to find out what the work culture is like and don’t wait to late in the game to ask your boss about the possibility of a flexible work schedule.

2. Be reasonable about why you’re asking: If you’re asking to leave work early a few days a week to take a class that’s relevant to your profession, then that will be perceived better than asking to leave early just so you can have extra leisure time.

3. Have a plan: Have a clear plan to present to your boss on how you will get your work done with you flexible schedule.

4. Don’t be a flake: Make it your priority to be a reliable person who completes their work on time and who is easily accessible.

5. Give and take: If others are making accommodations for your work schedule, be open to volunteering on other projects and helping out your colleagues when you can.